COVID-19 & Office Safety

Following state health department and the American Dental Association guidelines,  we are excited to restore normal business hours and open our doors for routine dental procedures.  We want to ensure parents and families that patient safety remains our number one priority during these unprecedented times.

Crozet Pediatric Dentistry Office Procedures

  • We will be calling to confirm all appointments and will begin the pre-screening process, asking if anyone in your household has experienced a fever, flu-like symptoms, or has been exposed to the Coronavirus.
  • In order to ensure everyone’s safety and with new procedures in place, the office will look different. Our once inviting waiting room and bathrooms will remain closed for now.
  • We ask that you call upon arrival and once we are ready, we will call to let you know which door to come to. We will be using two entrances to accommodate social distancing rules. A staff member will be waiting to take temperatures of all those entering the office.  We will need to reschedule appointments if anyone in your family has a temperature over 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Legal Guardians will be asked to sign a Patient Advisory and Acknowledgement form for consent for treatment during this pandemic.
  • We are asking that additional family members not scheduled for treatment remain in the vehicle or at home.
  • Only one adult will be allowed to accompany children to their appointment and we ask that the accompanying adult wear a mask or face covering.
  • Our staff will also be wearing additional personal protective equipment to ensure safety for patients and staff.
  • New patients are being added to a waiting list as we work hard to reschedule active patients of record who missed appointments. New patients are encouraged to call the office to add their name to the waiting list and will be worked into the schedule as soon as possible.
  • We are adjusting our scheduling procedures to limit the number of patients in the office at one time.
  • All team members will have their temperature logged twice daily.  If anyone has a temperature over 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be sent home.  Additionally, if a team member answers “yes” to any of the pre-screening questions mentioned above they will be sent home.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. These changes are likely to cause some minor inconveniences moving forward. We understand these added precautions still may not provide comfort to families with existing appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, call or email the office to notify us of any changes. Thank you for your assistance in making our office as safe as possible as we begin to reopen for your child’s routine care.

Accepting New Patients

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